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Everybody who knows me knows I love a good vintage hat. Sometimes the hats need a little TLC and then it's a good to have ethically sourced materials to play with. Like these rooster feathers and quail wings from Nokko Arctic Experience which have been collected from the ground and from deceased animals instead of treating the animals poorly for few feathers. They also use almost the whole animal, which is amazingly ecological way of working in the meat and egg business as well! 

Nokko Arctic Experience have a henhouse as a hobby on their yard (oh you should see what else they also have available there and all the fabulous Nordic products they produce!) where their quails, chickens and roosters live. They take good care of the animals by giving them happy lives there and when it's time to move along Nokko Arctic uses approximately 99% of the animal, from meat industry all up to the feathers. They do not pick any feathers from living animals and this is truly ethical way of producing the feathers. In the feather industry it is difficult and expensive to find ethically sourced pieces, but Nokko Arctic Experience offers reasonably priced ethically sourced feathers locally produced and cleaned here in the North of Finland. Want to support a local ethical small business? Well, you’re in the right place!

Always look for ethically sourced feathers for your hats and crafting! If they are local ones even better. Cannot recommend Nokko Arctic Experience enough for their ethical cleaned feathers. And what colours they have as well!

I am Wilhelmina af Fera, international pinup model and vintage collector and these were my first toughts about the wonderful quail and rooster feathers Nokko Arctic gifted me.

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